Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chaturtho Mongol for IDIOTS!!

I am just being unable to restrain myself from notifying about the observance of "Chaturtho Mongol" in the 4th day of marriage, which is going to take a important place in Bishnupriya Manipuri marriage schema. As far as I know, "Chaturtho Mongol" is completely Bengali or Mayang origin and it's very unreasonable and ridiculous to import a culture which doesn't have any cultural significance to us. It is a disappointment that some people instead of learning our own culture and feeling proud of it, running after the mayangs, stimulating by the attitude that "anything mayang is great!"

I think, our marriage observances and rituals are very sensible, colorful and gorgeous, even more gorgeous than any mayang marrriage, particularly customs like Waroupath, Heijapath, Lohong, Koina Thilkarani,Tindinkar Chana, Pachor bat are very fascinating. I feel proud of our very forefathers who build a rigid foundation considering every aspects of living in a civil way. And the rules are so logical and scientific, duhan ritir kotha ehanat na-matle na choler -

i) Daan'e-Udani: lohongor dine gang-goror manu'e koinagorang rupa daan'e ditara, ehan koinagor malok/bapokor kaje dangor arthik sahajya ahan matani yakorer, kungoi koti dila ehanou lehiya thoitara jate porobortite uta althok dena sombhob or.

ii) Polleng Chana: lohongor dine damangorang marup-machang baro attiyo sojone polleng chana uhan amar Bishnupriya Manipurir ritihan. Ehan damangor kaja , bisesh koriya leirapa utarkaje dangor arthik panglak ahan.

Ebaka Choturtho Mongol buliya je nuwa kumei ahan hanjasi uhante kitarhan, kittaou nagoi, misti plate ahan khaweya khuttol panar bebsayik buddhihan, jehan Bangali'ye kortara. Esade osustho sonskritir cholte thaile akdin Daane-Udani baro Polleng-Chana' r osade riti uthiya jitoiga, kiyabulle manu agor pokkhe habihanit ongso nenar arthik songoti nao thaite pare.

I just pity the idiots, the so called modern idiots, cant they live with self dignity? And our scholars, social leader may be renowned in their respective field, but they have no right to misled future generation, why they want themselves to be identified with the mayangs?

We don't need cultural adoption any more, we are okay with what we are. Our forefathers were very civilized people and they had built a good foundation for us; it's our time to build a house on that. Let us ban all reckless and idiotic activities like "Choturtho Mongol", which can be a threat in preserving our own way of living.


Ranita Sinha said...

Marvelous topic..i always think why we BM people are imitating other cultures when our culture is so rich..i always think if there is any need for u correctly said if all this imitations continue a day will come when we will loose our rich culture and its customs..nice work.. liked a wishes..


Uttam Singha said...

Thanks for the good topic. Not only Chaturtha Mangol, there is "Gaye Halud" also entering to our villages day by day. Just we like to copy mayang. Shame on us.